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Tips for Cocktail Dresses – How to Dress for Any Occasion

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Are you invited and do you ask yourself how to dress for a cocktail social event? Wearing the suitable dress is always necessary especially for a woman, because it accentuates her style and makes her looks a delightful sight among the public. A cocktail dress is the best clothing for a variety of get-togethers. Shopping […]

Chinese Clothing: The Rise Of Innovations Of Street Fashion

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Chinese fashion trend has considerably changed as time pass. From sidewalk to street fashion, China’s fashion spirit has increased and transformed impressively in the last years. Following the rest of communist party clothes benchmarks in the late 70s, the way Chinese costumed and the clothing pattern of the country were also transforming. From grey or […]

The Evolution of Chinese Fashion

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From sidewalk to street fashion, the spririt of China’s fashion has progressed and transformed impressively in the last years. 30 years ago, it was unimaginable to discover such range of fashion affairs in China, but due to the reform and opening-up policy, impressive improvements are now happening. From post Mao age to present day China, […]

South Korea’s Fashion Market Overview

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No one in vogue would thrash out the significance of Asia’s fourth biggest economy. So much that it looks like the world’s fashion pioneers are witnessing the Korean market through rose-tinted lenses. Seen alongside the numbers pumped out by fashion trend in China and Japan, Korea does not accumulate to its nearby Asian neighbors by […]

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